Foundation Statements

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Foundation Statements

Our Vision

Resilient, compassionate, and active learners engaged in their communities.

Our Mission

Learners will be inspired to develop growth mindsets and achieve excellence through collaborative and innovative learning experiences.

Our Motto

We All Belong - We All Succeed


Board and Clearview Principles

  • We believe Clearview Public Schools is the best education option for students in our communities.

  • We believe positive relationships and meaningful connections with students and our communities, are foundational to our success.

  • We value all students and their potential to have a positive impact on our future.

  • We make decisions in the best interests of all students.

  • We believe in and support our quality staff and their passion for learning and professional growth.

  • We embrace, promote and work to enhance our rural experience.

  • We ensure the budget and financial framework reflects a long-term, stable learning environment focused on the strategic goals for Clearview Public Schools.

(Approved 2020-01-15)

Board and Clearview Priorities

First-Choice Learning Environment

Clearview Public Schools is the first-choice for students and families in our communities.  We celebrate our learning environments which are so engaging, welcoming and successful that parents and students choose Clearview over any other education alternatives.

  • Outcome:  Maintain or increase our share of student enrolments.

  • Outcome:  Examine alternative programs.

Promote growth and success for all students

Clearview would like to increase our students’ opportunities for success by ensuring high performance learning at all levels.  In addition to academic performance, Clearview will also be focusing on student creativity, innovation and student resilience. 

  • Outcome: More students are engaged in school and achieve student-learning outcomes.

  • Outcome: More students achieve a minimum of one year’s growth in literacy and numeracy.

  • Outcome: Self-identified Indigenous and English Second Language students are demonstrating growth and achievement.

  • Outcome: More students are supported and prepared for life beyond high school.

  • Outcome: More students will build positive relationships, learn social and emotional skills, foster positive emotions, identify student strengths and build a sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Outcome:  Our staff are our most important resource.  It is in the best interest of students to invest in our staff’s professional learning and well-being.

Meet the needs of all students with the provision of high quality CTS and CTF programming

The CTF and CTS programs are designed to develop skills that students can apply in their daily lives when preparing for entry into the workplace or for further learning opportunities. Clearview will provide students with opportunities to personalize their learning, identify and explore their interests while developing basic competencies that people need to participate and progress in today’s dynamic world of work.

  • Outcome:  Specialized staff and expertise that is specific to each high school. 

  • Outcome:  Align school programs with potential careers and opportunities for students to be competitive in both the community and world job market. 

  • Outcome:  Examining and increasing student participation in specialized programming like Dual Credit, Careers the Next Generation, Internships and RAP programs. 

Enhance public education through effective engagement

Clearview recognizes and values our school and community stakeholders, we seek opportunities to increase student, staff and parent engagement and invite community partners to join us in advocating for public school education. To monitor progress and to plan in a manner that cultivates a shared vision for student success and well-being. 

  • Outcome: The Division will facilitate communication and ongoing engagement of all educational partners in respectful collaborative action. 

  • Outcome: The Division will engage regularly with education partners, across the spectrum of public engagement strategies (informing, consulting, involving, collaborating and empowering)

  • Outcome:  The Division will acknowledge that communication must be constant throughout the engagement process.

  • Outcome:  The Division will move to the new Assurance Framework reflecting the local and societal contexts, enabling innovative and flexible responses in classrooms, schools and in the division.

(Approved 2020-11-10)